Minecraft Survival

Our Minecraft server has no mods or plugins, which makes it vanilla. We currently have 24 Slots and  a whitelist. We are open for every new player, but we want to get to know you first. If you are interested in joining our server, please tell us about yourself in the forum. We will whitelist you after we reviewed your post.


We want every player to have fun and just play the game, as it is meant to be played. Just survive. Our server is running on "hard mode", so survival is not to easy and challenging. Building a secure base, pays off. The Server has 4 GB of RAM to ensure a stable connection and no lags. It is hosted on our own Root Server.

If you have any idea on how to improve the server or add new settings/features, post them in our Forum.



Our Minecraft Server 

Pure Vanilla

No Pay2win

Friendly Community

We dont use any plugins or mods. We offer pure vanilla, pure survival. After all, Minecraft is a survival game and we offer a server, made for survival. 

We dont offer Pay2win. You cant buy unbans or ranks, which give you any advantage. We want equal chances for every player. Only Skill should decide about victory or defeat. 

We only accept players, who made a post in the forum and told us about them. This method may be not 100% safe, but lowers the risk of accepting toxic players.